BetMGM Sportsbook App – Get $600 on Deposit with Code PLAYBONUS

Naturally, this bonus is only available for those who haven’t signed up for a BETMGM account before. However, most bettors in West Virginia will have no problem qualifying for it.

Odds Boosts

Odds boosts are a type of promotion that some sportsbooks, including BETMGM Sportsbook, offer customers on a continuous basis. They are so prevalent that they often escape notice as promotions, and simply become another feature on the site.

The effect of the odds boost is exactly what one might expect. A bet with its odds boosted will out a greater amount for a winning bet than the odds would suggest.

So, to use a simplistic example, a bet that goes off at 3 to 1 would pay $300 on a $100 bet. An odds boost might mean that the same bet would pay $320 or more.

These are good bets to make if you were already considering making a similar wager, anyway. However, please be aware that sportsbooks often limit the bet size in order to keep their exposure manageable.

In other words, you won’t be able to bet the house on an odds boost. However, it can be a way to get a nice bonus on top of the winnings you would’ve normally received.

Other bonuses

BETMGM Sportsbook also offers numerous other bonuses during the week for all players. These bonuses tend to fall into one of three categories.

Free Bets

In addition to the introductory free bet offer, many promotions at BETMGM will reward players with a Free Bet if they wager in a certain manner. The promoted wager might be on a certain sport, a certain game, or a certain day.

Free Bets are not transferable into cash and can only be used to bet on other games. Depending on the specific promotion, they may have additional restrictions on them.

However, as is the case with odds boosts, they can be a nice spiff for those who were planning to make a similar bet, anyway. Current Free Bet opportunities at BETMGM Sportsbook include:

  • Money Monday Club
    • Opt-in to take part
    • Get a free $10 bet each week
  • Bet Basketball Live
    • Earn up to $100 in Free Bets
  • Bet & Get (Follow the Puck)
    • Receive a free live bet for betting on selected hockey games
  • Selected other Free Bet opportunities


BETMGM Sportsbook offers insurance promotions to players from time to time. Insurance means that a player who loses a specified bet will receive a refund on his money. The welcome bonus mentioned above is one of these types of wagers.

The only catch is that the insurance money comes back in the form of Free Bets. It is not possible to withdraw one’s refund from the account.

However, it can soothe the sting if a bet loses. After all, that money was to be wagered, anyway, so it should be no problem to have another bite at the apple with it. Current insurance promotions at BETMGM include:

  • Overtime Insurance
    • Activates if a pre-game NFL bet loses due to an outcome in overtime
    • Receive up to $25 back
  • Parlay Insurance
    • Triggers if a parlay goes down in flames
    • Receive up to $25 back


A leaderboard promotion rewards players for their amount of play and the time they spend betting. Through a designated point system, players can move up or down the board as they engage in their normal activity.

At the end of a certain time period – usually a month – the players at the top of the board will receive cash and/or prizes. Then, the board will reset, and the process will begin again.

The NJ site offers the Power Parlay Leaderboard for its customers to compete against one another. Players can win up to $3,000 in both weekly and overall competitions.

Hopefully this promotion extends to the BetMGM WV site.

Player promotions at BetMGM West Virginia

Beyond the up to $600 risk-free bet offer, BetMGM also features numerous other offers and promotions. Here’s a look at a few current promotions:

  • Money Monday Club: Opt in to this club and earn a $10 Free Bet after placing $50 in wagers. It’s an easy shot at some free money, especially if you plan on wagering regularly throughout the week.
  • Daily Odds Boosts: BetMGM regularly ramps up the action even more for certain games. Take advantage of these Odds Boosts for a chance at some extra skin in the game. Check the “Odds Boosts” section daily to see what’s on the slate.
  • Sunday Strategy: Opt in to this promotion and earn $20 in free bets after placing $100 in pregame wagers. Bet $250 before the games kick off and earn an extra $30 in free bets.
  • Basketball Betting Bonuses: Opt in to this promotion for a chance to earn free bets up to $100 for wagering on college or pro basketball.
  • Edit My Bet: This allows bettors to change a wager while the game is underway.
  • Live Streaming: One unique feature is the ability to stream certain games and events within the actual BetMGM client. That’s a nice feature when making a wager or doing some in-game betting.

With numerous other extras and incentives daily, it’s worth checking out the promotions section regularly.