Best Online Sportsbooks for 2021

What are the Best Online Bookies

The best online sportsbooks have all secured a coveted A+ rating at Sportsbook Review. Bookmaker, Bovada, Heritage Sports, BetOnline, and Pinnacle are among the sportsbooks to earn that grade.

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That might sound like a lot of sportsbooks, but we have actually rated more than 1,000 online sportsbooks since 1999, so it actually amounts to a small minority of the sportsbooks vying for your business.

There are also a number of excellent sportsbooks that have earned an A rating, including Intertops, YouWager, and WagerWeb. An A- or a B+ is also a strong rating when you consider it goes all the way down to F. A sportsbook can earn an upgraded rating if it demonstrates a significant improvement over a number of key criteria and over a prolonged period of time.

A sportsbook can also be rapidly downgraded if it stops meeting our strict standards. Make sure you monitor all betting sites on an ongoing basis so that you will be alerted of any changes. Some traits are consistent among all the leading online bookies: a trustworthy reputation, a lengthy history of swift payouts, a number of options for deposits and withdrawals – including rapid credit card payments – strong betting lines across a number of sports. It is also important to see which types of bets the online sportsbooks offer, like for example moneylinepoint spread or against the spread, totalsparlays and teasers. A great mobile sportsbook and a commitment to safety and security are also of utmost importance. You can rest assured that all the highly rated online sportsbooks featured on SBR nail these key criteria.


You must then compare the differences between them to land on the perfect sportsbook for your online betting requirements. Some have sharper lines, others provide the most compelling bonus offers, some are great when it comes to extremely rapid payouts and others offer far broader sports coverage and more prop bets than their rivals

It also helps to open multiple accounts with rival sportsbooks, as that allows you to take advantage of multiple bonus offers and always find sharp lines on various sporting events. Ideally you might have an account with Bookmaker, Bovada, Intertops, Heritage Sports, BetOnline and YouWager, for example. If that sounds like too many, just choose two or three sportsbooks that best cater to your needs when betting online. Use our filters to help you find the best sportsbook for your particular requirements.